Food Service Aide - Dining & Health Services

The Food Service Aide is responsible for setting up the serving line, serving correct food portions to clients, cleaning, and sanitizing the work area. The Food Service Aide is also responsible for keeping patient cardex and other communication devices current, recording diet changes, answering the telephone and relaying information, preparing menu cards for distribution and tally, and delivering nourishments. The position may also be required to handle cash and must follow company cash handling procedures to ensure that control of cash is effectively maintained.
Must be able to measure food portions of food products accurately and have sufficient dexterity to handle food and equipment efficiently and safely while following production guide.
Must be able to properly lift a minimum of 25 pounds with minimal effort following required safety guidelines.
Most of the workday will be indoors but must be able to tolerate sudden and extreme changes in temperatures.
Must be able to make decisions based on events that occur within the unit.
Must be able to follow the Health Standards of the foodservice industry.
Job will require being able to handle customer complaints quickly and satisfactorily.
Must be able to communicate effectively with customers, clients and management.
Must be able to stand behind the serving line for 6-8 hours a day.
Must be able to walk on concrete surface.
Must be able to lift full size pans containing 10-25 pounds of product from waist to shoulder and carry to desired location.
Must be able to reach into the warmers to retrieve product for the line.
Must be able to see well enough to place product on plate.
Job will require working with some stress when confronted with emergency situations.
Job will require being able to use utensils to serve the food.
Job requires oral communication in the suggestive selling of products.
One (1) year experience in healthcare setting preferred.
Knowledge of and experience practicing proper safety standards in the handling of food products.
The Food Service Aide reports to the supervisor on duty or Assistant Food Service Director.
1. Follows all company and client policies, rules, and regulations.
Reports to work on time and in a clean uniform. In case of emergency report directly to your Manager in advance of regular scheduled starting time.
Notifies Manager or Food Service Director of any problems immediately.
Reads and follows company/client safety policies and procedures, initials, and records.
2. Handles food in accordance with sanitary and safety regulations.
Checks menu to ensure product knowledge and proper utensils are being used.
Makes sure all products on line are properly garnished.
Makes sure all salad dressings are labeled.
3. Maintains serving line in a clean attractive manner.
Keeps the serving line clean of spills.
Keeps the glass on line clean.
Keeps service wells that are not used covered.
4. Uses positive interaction with co-workers, clients, supervisors, and the public at large.
Uses suggestive selling while serving on the line as well as have product knowledge.
Greets every customer with a smile and a warm greeting.
Addresses customer by their name, when possible.
Responds to the customer needs quickly and accurately.
5. Verifies that hot foods remain hot and cold foods remain cold.
Maintains HOT foods at the proper temperature. (A minimum of 140 degrees).
Maintains COLD foods at the proper temperature (A maximum of 40 degrees).
6. Maintains and updates the nutrition-related data within the Dietary Department.
Assists with ordering and preparing snacks/nourishments for patients/residents.
Reports special ordered meal items at least 45 minutes before tray line begins.
Processes diet changes and new diets accurately and promptly.
Writes and prepares snacks/nourishments for patients/residents.
Communicates with supervisor on duty/FSD special needs or requests from client, customer, and/or staff.
7. Visits and provides assistance with tray delivery to clients.
Delivers and retrieves patient meals.
Assists patients/residents as needed in a friendly manner.
Communicates special requests on menus to the Production Supervisor.
8. Assists the Food Service Director and Dietitian with performance inprovement activities as assigned
Assists with the completion of the Tray Delivery Meal Service Report and Bulk Meal Delivery Service Report
Plays important role in achieving a minimum of 90% patient satisfaction scores
10. Communicates patient needs to appropriate staff while maintaining patient confidentiality.
Discusses individual patient nutritional care needs with the supervisor on duty in accordance with facility protocol.
11. Maintain workplace professionalism
Supports company decisions and policies even though you may personally disagree with those decisions.
Thinks in terms of what is best for the company.
Establishes and meets realistic timetables for accomplishing goals.
Continuously evaluates the effectiveness and efficiency of ongoing programs for which you are responsible and identifies opportunities to improve these programs.
Displays a friendly and positive attitude toward the job and other persons; performs job duties willingly and without complaint; attempt to understand and respond to needs of supervisor and co-workers; avoid making hostile or unproductive comments.
Maintains proper attendance. Reports to work on time; provides sufficient notice to supervisory personnel prior to unavailability or lateness in accordance with company policy.
Dresses professionally at all times.
Maintains a high level of confidentiality regarding departmental and company business; never releases or discusses internal matters of a serious or sensitive nature outside the department or company.
Ensures that your supervisor is advised on a timely basis of potential problems.
Valley Services Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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